Thursday, August 16, 2007

What Turns a Sunflower's Head?

I have one very tall and handsome sunflower growing against my East fence. His face is wide and cheery and bright yellow. But to my dismay, he has decided to turn his head to face toward the neighbours below, instead of gazing into our yard of delightful flowers.

Tall handsome sunflower
It got me to thinking the other day, what turns a sunflower's head? What causes them to gaze in a certain direction? Surely it is not the sun, since he is neither looking into or away from the sun's rays.

Next door, there is not much to look at:

View of neighbour's yard and beyond
Or is there? On closer look into the yard of the neighbour two houses down... There is this row of giggling, pretty sunflowers. Ahah!
Object of sunflower attention


Crafty Gardener said...

I am passing on the Creative Blogger Award to you ... for your creative ways of posting ... the sunflower story, and the jig saw puzzle.

Stop by my blog to get the award and then pass it on to some other creative bloggers.

In My Canadian Garden

Garden Lily said...

Thank you Crafty Gardener, I am very honoured that you, such a creative blogger, would consider my site worthy to share the award!

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