Friday, August 17, 2007

Stargazer Puzzle

Hi, I discovered a make-your-own-puzzle site the other night, made a puzzle from my stargazer lily photo:

After you play once, you can "Play Again", and see previous scores. See if you can beat my score. :-) Try also the "bird" cut, it's much more difficult, I found!

To make your own puzzles, go to

21Aug07 Note: I now have a "fixed" version of the puzzle, with the gray sidebars removed. Enjoy!


Crafty Gardener said...

What a great idea, making a puzzle using your own photos. I'll have to try that with one of my photos. I did your puzzle, think my score was 1:02

Garden Lily said...

Hmmm... We don't seem to be able to see each other's scores. My best time (after 5 tries now) is 0:39.

Garden Lily said...

Oh no, this puzzle solving is addictive. I just attempted the 70 piece bulb cut, my time was 9:13. What a wierd one that was!

Anonymous said...

When you create your own puzzle out of one of your pictures, JigZone may feature it as an embeded puzzle. That is how I found this one. Enjoyed putting it together, (my favorite is the 48 piece classic.) However, I find that the gray bars down the sides, which JigZone adds when the origional picutre isn't 400x300, makes it much easier to complete. Also, you'll find that you can create more and give them to your readers.

Uthur, (from the Town by the Sea)

Kati said...

This is fun! I'll have to play with this some more when I have more time tomorrow! And thanks for visiting my site and your kind comments. As you are not too far from my parents' home in Vancouver, actually, I'm consumed by curiosity and will have to take more time to browze through your blog!

Garden Lily said...

Uthur - Thanks for letting me know about this... When I received my site meter report that I had 450 visitors per day instead of my usual 15, I had deleted the email, thinking it was an error in the program! :-)

Thanks also about the gray bars, I was annoyed by that... I think I cut it to 400x300, but in the wrong direction! I'll have to try again without the gray bars, it would certainly be more of a challenge.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the beautiful lily puzzle. My favorite is 96 triangles; I'm a real addict, I tell you! I'm also an avid gardener and wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your blog.
Lynn from Chugiak, Alaska

Susan G said...

Another long time jigzone fan, returning gardener and blogger! When I started the puzzles I worked through all the cuts to reach the level of my incompetence. Your lilies make a wonderful puzzle! Now time to read your back posts and learn something. Very different climate here in New Hampshire -- already in 50's F at night.

Garden Lily said...

If you are visiting via direct link, please note that I now have a "fixed" version of the puzzle with the grey sidebars removed.

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