Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another Spiny Leaf Bug

I apologize to those who follow my blog for photos of my garden.  Tonight I noticed another spiny leaf bug had hatched.  I now have 2 spiny leaf insects.  The oldest is 9 weeks old now, and is looking more like a curled up leaf every day:
I tried to be clever and get a photo with them both on my hand, which I did:

But the newly hatched bug moves very quickly, and after this photo, it promptly disappeared up my sleeve.  At which point I put the older bug back in her cage, and ended up taking off my shirt to search for the little one.  Fortunately, I found her without squishing her.

On the stick bug side, I still have way too many, and keep telling myself I will try to find a home for many of them.  I managed to give away 4 to good homes last weekend.  Good thing I have a plentiful supply of blackberry leaves in the neighbourhood.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Garden Mosaic and "David" Tree

I love this time of year in the garden.  Every couple of days there seems to be a new type of flower blooming.  There are early signs of fruit emerging.  Here is a mosaic from photos from a stroll through the garden this evening (after weeding for about an hour, and just before it got too dark for photos):
Early summery flower mosaic
What do you think of the white irises in the bottom right of the mosaic?  I was pleased to find them blooming today.  They were buds last time I looked.  They look so delicate and pure.  I received them as a gift from my mom's friend Irene a number of years ago, and they have grown into a beautiful patch.  It was a precious gift, which I hope to in turn share with many people over the years to come.

I am absolutely smitten with my new "David" tree (Davidia involucrata, commonly know as "Dove tree" or "Hankerchief tree", but fondly named "David tree" for my son, David).  Since I planted it just under 3 weeks ago, I have been playing around with an underplanting of sedums and other succulents, and watering it every evening since.  What do you think of it?  Although I read that the Dove tree may take some 15 years to bloom, I am already so pleased with the gorgeous bronze-tinged and deeply textured foliage, that I think I will be quite okay with the wait.  Already the small twig which I bought at the Van Dusen Garden Plant Sale has developed noticeable branches:
Davidia involucrata - Dove tree
Oh, I forgot to include in my mosaic my tiny Frost peaches (most of which will prune themselves long before they ripen):
Young peaches
Last year, I managed to pick and taste our single peach before the squirrel got to it.  Perhaps I'll be able to taste another one or two this year.  The tree is still young, so I don't expect much.
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