Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Stargazer Puzzle - Improved!

I've been having lots of fun with my Stargazer Puzzle, and lots of visitors enjoying it also. So I decided I'd better fix the proportion issue which resulted in the grey edges. So here is the improved version of the puzzle, it should be more of a challenge now (click the "Play" symbol to solve it):

Click to Mix and Solve


Catherine said...

Enjoyed browsing your site, and had a great time working your star gazer lily puzzle...what a FUN, original way of posting your pic's..LOVE IT!!

Catherine said...

My time was 2:21 ~ Is that really bad..?

Garden Lily said...

Catherine - I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle. There is no "bad" time, and you'll find that after a few tries, your score will improve, as you get more familiar with the image.

I can pretty consistently do about 0:40 now with the 20 piece cut, but of course the larger number of pieces or odder shapes take much longer. Anyone else brave enough to post their times?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I could help.

I usually visit JigZone before going to bed. I do one from across the bar at the top, then turn to the puzzle of the day. Then, I'll visit the embeded puzzle if I haven't yet. (Some times a particular puzzle is up for a day, sometimes for quite some time.)

Another idea for you and your readers. After you've completed the puzzle, hit "Print Screen/SysRq" Then open your paint program and from the edit drop down select paste. Now you can move the picture around in the window so that the upper left corner matches the same corner of the window. Then, using the "Immage" drop down menu, select "attributes" and fill in the dialogue window to give dimensions of 400 by 300 pixels. Now you have a copy of the completed puzzle to save to your hard-drive.

I have mine in a special folder just for JigZone puzzles and sometimes I set my screensaver to rotate through them. The 400 by 300 size is perfect. It fills the screen entirely.

By the way, I am adding "Stargazer," the new improved version, to that folder.

Uthur (from the Town by the Sea)

Garden Lily said...

Uthur - You have been such a great help to me, I am really hooked on this puzzle making & solving now! Watch for more images to come!

Owin & Irena said...

okay..this is embarrasing. 19:15. were we all working on the same puzzle? great fun.

Garden Lily said...

Irena - Good call! Actually, when I changed my post to link the puzzle rather than embed, since it looked better on my blog (as well as provided a better working area to solve it), I didn't notice that I changed the default cut from 20 pieces, to 40 pieces. It is definitely harder now! My new time is 4:10, but then I think I'm pretty good with puzzles. Thanks to everyone for joining in the fun. Anyone else dare post your time?

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