Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Embarrassed Sunflower and Veggie Faces

Remember the handsome sunflower I posted about earlier? Well, he may be a bit embarrassed by all the attention, and ever since has been hanging his head:
embarassed sunflower
On the veggie side, I have been blessed with a great crop of Purple Peacock and Scarlet Runner beans, even though I have only 4 poles of the former and 1 of the latter this year, with 5 of the poles not fully utilized (cut down by slugs or pulled off the poles by my snap peas). Even with only 5 poles, I have been picking a large handful of beans every 2nd day. In the last week, my cucumbers have started bearing also, with a fresh crisp cucumber for me every 2 or 3 days.

I was hoping to post a few photos, but realizing that it will look very much like my Purple Peacock bean photos from last year, and wanting to keep up my reputation for creativity, having recently been awarded the Creative Blogger Award by Crafty Gardener (thanks so much - what an honour!), I decided to post some veggie faces.... Mine:
my veggie face
My daughter's:
my daughter's veggie face
...and my son's:
my son's veggie face
By the way, "cool" moms encourage their kids to play with their food. :-)


Roger said...

Yes! I remember that Sunflower article. That’s why I love this blog. Always, and to be honest, you’ve never failed to entice me every time I visit. Maybe because we two have so much in common—flowers!
I hope you could do an intensive article about local flowers in Indianapolis especially the Indiana local grown sunflowers. Thanks! I’m hoping and waiting!

Garden Lily said...

Roger - Your comment sounds so "spammy" and yet at the same time so sincere, that I will leave your link to flower delivery in Indianapolis here. Other links are promptly deleted.

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