Friday, April 27, 2007

Favourite Posts

My husband took our digital camera on his latest week-long business trip, which is thankfully ending tomorrow. So good thing it has been raining a good part of the time, otherwise I would have been more anxious about catching a few more "garden glimpses". It's all I've had time to post lately, as I am up to my eyeballs in year-end accounting work, and I'm not an accountant by training. But that's another story, not for this blog.

Anyhow, tonight I feel in the mood to reflect on my blog history, which spans 1 year and 3 months, now. On occasion, I take a look at my site meter, which indicates how many visitors I've had, where they "come from", entry & exit pages, and some statistic information including their browser program, screen resolution, and such. What is most interesting to me is the referrals, that is, finding out how the visitors came to find my blog.

Many times, the search phrases they used, gave me interesting subjects to research myself, such as the many searches for "chocolate persimmon" after I only mentioned my persimmon tree. Some of the recurring search topics continue to be the espalier fruit trees, the rainier cherry tree, and the topic "flowering shrubs to hide an ugly fence".

Recently, a number of visits came via a few of my photos which were hosted at, which I had resorted to when was having so many problems with uploading images (which seem to be resolved now). The images and topic of the brown caterpillar and its transformation into a grey moth, has brought various visitors.

Some of the searches include "painting" or "art". I wonder what these visitors think of my painting project, which began with just a paper "concept", and is now maybe half done (although most friends remark that it looks much closer to completion than that).

My own favourites have been my garden painting series (which I enjoy looking at, to reflect on my progress), the shrubs to hide an ugly fence article (which I would like to add to, one day, with more shrub suggestions), and the maintaining a positive attitude toward weeding article.

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