Saturday, February 17, 2007

Garden Painting Day 20 & 21 : Lupines

It has been some while since I've made time to work on my painting. Let's just say that when I paint now, the first step is to wipe off the dust with a damp cloth. I forgot what the last occasion was, that I painted, but this time it was a combination of my husband being out of town, kids going to bed early, being too tired of working most nights to midnight, Chinese New Year (I may not be Chinese, but it doesn't stop me from celebrating in my own way), and being inspired by some wood carvers showing off their techniques and projects in the mall today.

I was pleased to add some lupines to my painted garden, first the foliage:
Then tonight, the flower spikes:
I chose a dark purple, to contrast the other flowers. I would have preferred a fuschia colour, but it would have been too similar to the coneflowers. I would have also preferred to have more foliage, looking at it now. I had a feeling that night, when I was adding in the foliage, that I continue further down the painting, and a bit denser. But I think it will be okay.
I need some yellow, I'm thinking Coreopsis verticillata. Possibly the red and orange of a striped Gazania. And possibly some white Shasta daisy, or the burgundy veining of Heuchera americana "Dales Strain". I would love to also include the wonderful burgundy Geranium pratense "Victor Reiter", but I know I don't have room for all of these, so I'll see what I can fit.
In general, I'm very pleased by my progress. At an average of maybe 3 hours per night, I am only about 60 hours into the painting, and have quite a bit to show, even though I don't believe I'm even half way yet, if I consider the remaining plants, the flowers for the pansies and tree peony, and then the birds and bees and such. But I do feel optimistic that I will finish in 2007.

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Crafty Gardener ... said...

Your flower garden painting is lovely. Is it based on your actual garden?

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