Thursday, February 16, 2006

My New Rainier Cherry - At Home at Least

Yesterday I took the kids to Gardenworks, and picked up a new Rainier Cherry tree. It looks surprisingly like my original one. It was good timing, since it only came in bareroot last week. Also well timed, it happened to be the third Thursday of the month (Customer Appreciation Day), which meant that instead of picking up the cherry tree for $35, everything in the store was 15% off, so I walked out of the store with a $92 bill. Spend more, save more, right? The kids liked the free cookies, all the cute stuff in the collectibles department, and the brightly coloured seed packets. We bought our Sunflower 'Giganteus' seeds - grows 11' - 14' tall! I also bought a 25 L bag of starter soil, so I have one excuse less for not starting up my seeds.

The photo of the Rainier Cherry is courtesy of the Washington State Fruit Commission, whose Northwest Cherries site also includes a one-page summary of Northwest cherry varieties.

The weather today was gorgeous again - sunny & cold. I was completely tied up with family errands today, so my Rainier Cherry sits patiently in his pot. Hopefully tomorrow.

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