Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Garden Project : Day 6

Today was a very good day for the garden project. The weather actually cooperated, it was overcast and only misty. My landscape crew showed up as promised. We made a LOT of visible progress today.

First, to lay down the stones. My landscaper was very patient with my requests to wiggle this way and that, and replace stones which I thought could be improved upon. The result was very pleasing:
Flagstones in place
Path with flagstones
Then the stones were levelled into place, and the sand poured and brushed between. My beautiful granite bench was also set into place:
Completed flagstone path
Here is a closer view of the bench. You can also see the beautiful colours in the stone.
Flagstone with granite bench
I think I prefer the bench without gravel at the base, I want to bring the soil up to it directly, and then plant a low groundcover to spread beneath it. I will try a creeping thyme first, and see how it performs in the Spring.

Here is a view from the bench looking out from the renovated garden area.
Flagstone path and granite bench
They even brought in a yard of rich garden soil today, and had time to do some planting. On the upper side, I have a row of peonies, with a row of hostas in front of them (to the outside edge, along the lawn). Where there is room, I am setting in small shrubs, to create that "secret garden" feel. To the inside of the garden, I will plant some perennials, but at this time of year, it is getting late to divide and move much there, so I will finalize the planting in the Spring.
Plantings in the secret garden border
Because I had divided the peonies, I ended up with enough to plant a shorter row on the lower side also. It will be interesting to see what it looks like, next summer.
Plantings in the secret garden
The big decision now is how to plant the inner garden. I think I will keep it low near the bench end, with some fragrant lavenders along the path, and the creeping thyme. I had earlier thought I would pair up my small Syringa Sweginzowii ("Chengfu Lilac") with 2 other lilacs, and make it a fragrance garden. But looking at it now, I enjoy the look of the stone, and bench, and don't know if I should plant so high. Instead, I could keep the center plantings low, with possibly one small (umbrella shaped?) tree in the center. It is an area which doesn't get much sun, it tends to be fairly shady. But the drainage should be good now, since we will pile up more soil to raise that area.

Any thoughts or ideas? The crew plans to visit next Tuesday to bring more soil, and finish any more planting I have for them. Then I guess that will be it until Spring, unless I want to put in lighting (I think I'd rather wait, and not feel pressured, since I don't expect to sit out there - at least not in the evenings - for the Winter).


Ruralrose said...

It is looking great. I wanted to use creeping thyme in my garden too, but in my yard it is easily overgrown, and definitely it wouldn't hold on if walked on. Use lots of plants! Have you thought of sedums? They stay vibrant even in the cold and they can be walked on and thrive with little water. There are so many varieties too. Here is a link for drooling, http://www.sedumphotos.net/main.php You must be sooo excited! peace

Laura Gardens in Desert said...

I can't believe how black your dirt is. It is like the picture has been edited in Paint with the paintbrush in pure black! The walkway is very nice and the bench is a nice choice too.

Garden Lily said...

Ruralrose - Those sedum photos are wonderful. Yes, so many types. I have a few in more sunny areas, but I don't know if they'd like this shaded area - doesn't hurt to try.

Laura - Yes, that is amazing soil. Our yard was originally only rock-solid clay, but we keep piling the soil on top. I read somewhere that if one spends $1 on the garden, they should spend 90cents on soil, and 10 cents on plants, for the best success. I think I spend about 50% on soil.

Bren said...

This looks wonderful.... I can't wait to stop back and see when things are in bloom.
Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Flowers said...

Love your blog and beautiful Granite box looks awesome. Enjoyed it very much.

Spider Girl said...

Thanks for sharing your garden project--very inspiring. I love those big stones.

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