Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Garden Project : Day 5

It hailed this morning, just as I was saying good-bye to the kids at school at 9am. I had left the umbrella home, taking a chance with the overcast sky. So I was pelted by hail all the way home, which fortunately is only a couple of blocks.
Happily, my landscaping crew still arrived later in the morning. It rained lightly all day, as they worked, but they pulled on their hoods, and kept going.

Today they hauled up sand, and then compacted the path in preparation for laying the stones (click for a slightly larger view - this first photo shows a bit of the colouration of the stone, but I'll need to snap a closeup one day):
Base for flagstone pathway
Base for the flagstone path
They also removed the grass and set the stones into the lawn, between the stairs and the new flagstone path:
Flagstone set into the grass


Kate said...

This is going to be so pretty when done. Love the fact that you are taking a disciplined approach. I'm so impatient that I plant without giving much thought to what I'm doing. Then a year later I think... hmmm... I should have put this one over there...

Lavender Cottage said...

A garden renovation is exciting; glad you're sharing yours.
It's always a big job but worth the wait.

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