Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Mystery Monday Answer

Congratulations to Inf G, for correctly identifying the wasp's nest in my Mystery Monday post.

I discovered this nest a few weeks ago, when I went to retrieve a pot from my stacks of pots piled in the secluded corner of my house (I also have lots in my shed, but that is a long way to walk, so I leave some near the house also). The pots were piled upside down, and I could see the wasps flying in & out at the base of the stack. At the time, I used a long pole to flip the pots over, and sure enough, a dozen or so wasps came buzzing out, and I could see the nest inside a large paper-based pot:
Wasp nest inside an empty flower pot
I rarely if ever have used any chemicals on any sort of pest, but this time, I didn't see much choice. If I were ever to retrieve any pots, or any kids were to run into this area, it could be a disaster. So I bought a can of Raid Wasp Killer, and sprayed down the nest quite thoroughly. I sprayed it again that night, just to be sure. Then have been watching it ever since, but there is no sign of activity.

I think I'll leave the pot there on display. I understand that wasps are territorial, so a sign of a nest already there (especially a poisoned one), may be a deterrant to other wasps who may get the same idea.


tina said...

That is one heck of a wasps nest! I am glad you got rid of it-any way necessary.

On the post above it sure looks like a great day. One that I think your kids will remember for a long time. Maybe one of them will grow up to the Prime Minister of Canada one day and they can look back at that post. A parent's dream come true I think.

Have a great day!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Wasp nest, I looked and looked at that picture and could not figure out what it was.

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