Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Dinner with the Prime Minister

Tonight I took my kids to have dinner with the Prime Minister of Canada. Well... sort of. An intimate BBQ dinner with about 1500 other people.

We were able to listen to him speak from the back of the big crowd (click any photo for a slightly larger view):
Prime Minister Stephen Harper
...where we were enjoying our BBQ chicken dinner (on the lawn, since we came too late for a spot on the tables):

After his speech, the Prime Minister shook hands with the crowd, before being whisked away into his motorcade. My kids didn't want to press into the crowd to see him, but my daughter agreed to a photo in front of the crowd and the PM. I am not a very politically-inclined person, but I figure she'll have something unique to show her teacher when she goes back to school in September.
My daughter with the Prime Minister Stephen Harper
I did however, ask Stockwell Day for a photo, and he graciously posed with the three of us. From what I have observed, he is an admirable man with solid moral convictions and values. He had a significant part in re-building the Party which is now the ruling Conservative Party of Canada. He was really personable, and asked my kids their names. We chatted a bit about math and chess, and he seemed genuinely interested. I was proud to shake his hand and get a photo.


Joyful said...

Looks like you enjoyed yourself. It is good to get kids involved in the political happenings. Where was the Bar-b-que?

Garden Lily said...

The dinner was at the cattle ranch of Senator Gerry St. Germain, in South Surrey, BC (very close to the US border). There were 5 or 6 horses running around just behind where the PM was speaking. Nice venue.

I guess it shows how non-partisan I am though, I decided the 3 of us would be patriotic and wear red, the colour from our flag, with my son having a big "CANADA" on his hockey shirt. But I had unwittingly chosen the colour of the opposing Liberal Party - the Conservative colour is blue. It was pointed out to me (politely) not long after we arrived. Oops.

Joyful said...

I didn't know the Senator had a ranch in BC. It is funny about you wearing Liberal colours. Even Liberals should be able to attend the PM's party if they want. After all, this is Canada, he he.

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

LOL, oh so that's what the real Stockwell Day looks like--I only ever heard of him through impressions on This Hour Has 22 Minute and Air Farce! :)

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