Monday, February 09, 2009

Pokemon Birthday

It's officially the end of birthday season in our house. My daughter's birthday (see posting) is past, and now so is my son's.

We had the party on Saturday, and being encouraged by my success with my daughter's campfire cake, and since the grocery store (we usually order a cake at Save-on-Foods) didn't have any Pokemon-themed cakes anyhow, I decided to bake my own.

I know anyhow that the kids pick a cake for the characters on top, which they get to keep, rather than for the design itself. So after trying to decide how I would draw a Pokemon image on it, I realized that it would be a better treat to just buy a set of Pokemon figurines, and decorate with those. So I prepared a basic cake (from a mix), and icing (from a can, with the addition of green food colouring), and the kids placed the Pokemon figurines. For the Pokemon ball, I made it with Perler beads:

I think it turned out well, what do you think (click image for a closeup)?

We ended up hosting a combined party with a classmate, since his family was thinking of holding his party on the same night, and inviting pretty much the same set of kids (including each other). So we had one Pokemon cake, one ice cream cake, a lot of balloons in an otherwise empty living room, good school friends, and lots of fun.


Anonymous said...

Love the cake and all the color it has. You did an awesome job. Now the kids are going to expect this every year.

Anonymous said...

i love the cake!!!
it looks so delisyuso!!!!!
please visit our site..

my birthday too is the birthday of pikachu!!!!

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