Monday, January 19, 2009

Camping Theme Birthday Party

The "camping" party for my daughter's 10th birthday was loads of fun. My neighbour and friend, Helen, joined me and was a great help to me during the party.

Helen made a wonderful arrangement of the ingredients for the oven made 'smores (click on any of the images for a slightly larger view):
Ingredients for 'smores
The recipe is simple. Place graham wafers on a cookie tray, sprinkle with chocolate chips, add a large marshmallow,...
Making 'smores
Making 'smores
Making 'smores
...and bake at 350F for about 8 minutes. When you pull them out, the marshmallows will be big and puffy. Top with another graham wafer, squish down, and enjoy. Pretty fun, and a nice gooey sweet treat:
Helen brought over some battery-powered candles, and with some red tissue, we created a campfire...
Campfire in the living room
...and played campfire games, with flashlights and glow bracelets. (Don't buy the dollar store ones if you can find better quality ones - the clasps on many of ours broke, and two of the kids ended up with glowing hands when their tube broke also! Helen commented that her glow bracelets from Michaels never had those problems.)

The cake looked fabulous when the candles were lit (even if I have to say so myself):
Campfire cake when lit
From the volume level at the party (wow, it was loud!) I think it's fair to assume that everyone had fun. I certainly did.

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Ilona said...

that truly is fabulous- it looks like such fun.

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