Monday, February 09, 2009

Manga Family (or at least Kids) Portrait

I guess it's been two years since I worked on my garden painting, and one year since I finally hung it, while waiting for my life to return to "normal" so that I could find some personal time for such pursuits.

There seem to be no end to the late nights, but somehow I manage to squeeze some time for some expression of creativity... I found a great how-to-draw book at the library recently (see below), which inspired me to attempt a manga family portrait. Or at least of the kids. I don't know if I could really pull off a good likeness of myself (hmmm, have you ever seen a fat manga lady?) or my husband (hmmm, bearded handsome bishie gentleman?).

I started the image while waiting for my son's soccer game on Saturday. Then put in a couple more hours one late night. It's coming along fairly well, with my daughter and her favourite stuffed bunny, her hamster on her shoulder, and my son with his favourite bunny. I am pretty close to being done the details, and then need to figure out how to add colour. I'm not so confident with that part of it. We'll see. Here it is, so far:

What do you think?


Spellbound said...

Wow, you are talented. I wish I could draw.

Garden Lily said...

Thanks for the encouragement. This was my first attempt at manga-style drawing, so I'm pretty happy it is turning out okay.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with your husband as I wouln't recognize them either but I do like the drawing. Rose

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