Saturday, April 25, 2015

Prettier in Pink, and More Spring Flower Photos

That tree peony bloom is still getting bigger and fuller and more beautiful.  Here it is today :
Beautiful pink tree peony.

It's not the largest tree peony bloom I've seen, but then again, I haven't needed to prop the branches to support the blooms either, so I'm really happy with the size of it, and the colour.
Beautiful pink tree peony flower in the garden.

I like this pale helleborus flower, it has faded from pink, and is developing a seed pod.
Beautiful helleborus flower in the garden.

Pretty heart shaped leaves and cheery yellow flowers of my Epimedium.
Beautiful heart shaped leaves and yellow blooms of epimedium in the garden.
...complete with a monster lurking underneath.
Epimedium with yellow flowers and a rock painting lurking in the heart shaped leaves.
I am really impressed how these painted rocks have held up, we must have painted those about 8 years ago.  Then sealed them with several layers of clear acrylic sealer.

These fern fronds look like they're having a conference.  I wonder what they are discussing?
Fern fronds emerging in Spring.

Finally, one of my favourites in my garden, my little Cornus canadensis (bunchberry) :
Cornus canadensis or bunchberry in the garden in spring.

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Kerri Farley said...

That pink flower is absolutely beautiful!!!

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