Thursday, August 12, 2010

Peach Harvest and other Edibles

This is my peach harvest this year:

One delicious "Frost" peach is pretty good, considering we only bought the peach tree last year.  I am glad I picked the peach before the squirrel got to it.  When I cut it open, I found that the stone was split, and some sort of bug had gotten to the seed before I did, but that was fine, I just cut the stone away, and the peach was very nice.

After fighting the blackberry vines for some 6 years now, which invade from two sides of my yard, this year I finally had quite a few bunches of berries hanging over the fence into my yard.  I was looking forward to picking them when the neighbour at the back suddenly cut out all the vines.   On one hand, I was happy to see him finally cleaning up the yard (it is a rental house, and I never see anyone in the back yard except the owner a couple times per year).  But on the other hand, I was sad that his timing was off - if he had left them for another month, I would have picked quite a few berries.

But I am picking a few blackberries from the ravine side, behind my espalier trees.  I enjoyed some more berries tonight:

Blackberries over the fence

On the other side, where my upper neighbours have a 4' retaining wall with a 5' fence on top, I see that they also have a zucchini growing into my yard:
Zucchini vine over the fence
If they don't pull up the vine any time soon, I may end up with a small harvest of zucchinis:
Small zucchini
That would be a nice bonus.

On a sobering note, the virginia creeper on that wall tells me that Fall is just around the corner:
Virginia creeper in late summer
I'm not ready for Summer to end yet.  But I believe there is just over 3 weeks left before school starts again.  Yikes!

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Laura said...

I love when friendly visitors come wandering. Not the blackberry, although tasty they are such a nuisance. The zucchini though, very nice! A couple years back a pumpkin came visiting through the neighbor's fence. It was the only pumpkin she got that year. My daughter loved watching it grow. When it was time to harvest it, we offered it back to it's original owner, but she was happy to let my daughter make a jack-o-lantern. Thus started the wheel in my head that the next year lead to some raised beds and my own veggie patch.

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