Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Late July Garden Photos - Overgrown Green Jungle?

Is it August already?  This summer is flying by so quickly.  Although we can't complain in Vancouver, we have had an amazing stretch of hot and dry weather.  So at least we have really had a summer!  Here are a few very recent photos of my garden.

Looking at this side, I wonder why the peach is referred to as a "fuzzy navel", since it sure looks more like a "fuzzy rear end" (click any image for a slightly larger view):
I can't help but visit my one little peach every time I go into the yard.  I keep taking photos, since I'm sure that the squirrel will pick it before it is fully ripe.  But even so I still hope that I will get a taste of it myself.

The grapes are looking very promising.  I'm hoping that I will have a small taste of all 3 varieties this year.  We'll see:
grapes on vine
We hosted a BBQ last weekend for some 60 - 80 people, and I got many inquiries and comments on my garden.  But my husband, who tries but can't seem to appreciate what I am creating back there, recently told me that I have too much green and not enough "flowers", and it has all grown too large.   Hmmm, what do you think?  This is a view from the 2nd floor balcony, looking into the back yard:
view of garden
It is true that I am crazy about foliage, and very strictly "don't do annuals", which tend to be the brightly coloured bloomers.  But I think there are lots of neat flowers and foliage when examined a bit closer.  Such as these pretty coneflowers from the "Cone Crazy" collection:
Cone Crazy coneflower
These Kwanzo daylilies form a pretty good patch of orange:
Kwanso daylily
As do these other unnamed daylilies from my friend, whose name is also Lily:
I have oriental lilies also, most of which are fragrant, too:
oriental lily
And yes, I like foliage, like the large rough hands of the gunnera reaching up to the sky in the corner of my yard:
This lacey japanese maple cascading softly over the hard concrete wall (with the spiky balls of globe thistle standing tall behind it):
japanese maple and echinops
And I have some garden decorations.  Not lots, but some well placed decorations such as this dragonfly, perched high above the bold leaves of the Rodgersia:
lush garden
I really like this corner of the garden.  It has a few colours too.  I see pink and white and yellow.  And lots of textures and shades of green.
garden with gunnera
And how about this view up the steps?  Even without counting the orange, blue, pink, white and purple flowers, there are reds and purples and silver-blues in the foliage too.
flower garden
 And then there are our newly-placed birdhouses, which are very colourful:
garden with birdhouse
 What do you think?  Do I have enough flowers and colours in my garden?  Or is it just a big overgrown jungle of too much green?


Jennifer said...

Great garden tour. I am not a big fan of annuals either. I love your birdhouse collection!

Laura said...

I only recently started using annuals. Almost strictly in planters though. Good for a pop of colour for sure, but they just don't have what perennials give to a garden. I think your beds look fabulous! There's lots of colour in there!

Ann Flowers said...

Very Beautiful. A walk around your garden could get you into a very nice frame of mind!

Jester said...

I LOVE it! what do husbands know anyway, they never see the "Big Picture"? do they???LOL

Garden Lily said...

Thank you all for your kind comments.

Jester - Too funny. When I first started creating my jungle, my husband's main question was "is it edible?" But most of the time I'm the only one picking the strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, tomatoes, etc... If I don't bring it into the house, wash it, and put it in a bowl, he wouldn't even know. The kids still pick on occasion, but not nearly as enthusiastically as I had hoped.

Stevie from said...

I think your garden is gorgeous - don't change a thing unless you want to switch it up for fun.

April said...

Your garden looks very pretty - a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city.

Garden Lily said...

Thank you all for your encouragement.

joey said...

Stunning (pat yourself on the back)! All about perennials and foliage, I only do annuals in containers. Stay well :)

Andrea said...

Hi i am new here just followed from Skeeter and Tina's. I like your garden, lots of plants. and i also laughed at the older post with a rat on the small hut, what a serendipitous photo, hehe.lovely

clipping path said...

Awesome post! good work my friend! thanks a lot for sharing.

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