Thursday, March 04, 2010

More Neck Troubles and Weeping Cherry

A few weeks back, I was trying to prune the butterfly bush at the top corner of our yard (in the "hummingbird" garden). The branches were thick, my pruning shears dull, and I was trying to be careful not to spend too much time looking up, since I know this is something I must watch out, for my neck. But by the time I gave up on it (I couldn't reach or cut through all the branches I wanted to prune), I knew I was in trouble with my neck. I could feel an odd burning sensation on the back right side of my neck.

Sure enough, it didn't go away over the next couple of days, and somehow I knew I had thrown it out of alignment. Unlike the first time, where I was in severe pain for weeks before I found out what the problem was, this time I quite quickly made an appointment with Dr. Davis to work his wonders on my neck.

So two weeks ago Friday, I went for my adjustment. As before, I was stiff for a couple of days afterward, and then felt generally better. But by the time I had my follow-up appointment the next Friday, the burning sensation had returned, and sure enough, I needed another adjustment. Perhaps I had not rested enough the first time, to allow my neck to settle correctly.

But it appears I have done it again! I was feeling better by Monday, but then Tuesday I felt a sort of pinch in the right side of my neck/shoulder. I had hoped it was from the usual stiffness, and I had my regular (approx every 6 weeks, to avoid being in pain) massage Wednesday, my therapist being very careful to avoid the neck. But although that helped to relax the shoulders and back, the pinched feeling continued, and the pain has progressed into my shoulder and top of my arm also.

I'm a bit discouraged. I will see Dr. Davis tomorrow afternoon, and I am expecting that I will need another adjustment. I am hoping and praying that this time, I will be able to rest adequately afterwards, and that it will "hold", and I will be pain-free again. I will appreciate any of your prayers also, for me.

As an attempt to cheer myself up a bit, yesterday I went out on my lunch break and bought the weeping "cherry" tree which I have been dreaming of for my new garden area. When I first went looking for a weeping tree about a month ago, I was recommended to the Prunus 'Snofozam' (Weeping Cherry "Snow Fountains"), and was preparing myself to pay the $120 price tag at the tree nursery where I found it. Good thing I also checked at Gardenworks (which is usually fairly pricey, in my opinion), since I found a beautiful - taller - one there for only $69, and I also got 20% off with a coupon. The trees had recently arrived, and no more stock was expected, so I seized the opportunity. I will post photos as soon as I have a chance to take some.

The photo on the right is not mine, it is from this site, but shows the white flower colour and weeping habit of "Snow Fountains".  The weeping tree is actually top-grafted onto another standard cherry, which is bottom-grafted onto dwarf root stock, so it will not grow vigorously.  It is considered a good variety of weeping cherry for a small space, since it stays quite narrow - perfect for my new garden area.

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