Thursday, March 18, 2010

Amazing Dragonfly Photos

I love dragonflies, and can never view too many photos of them.  So tonight, after finding the Ixia photo on the TrekNature site, I kept browsing (staying up too late again!) through the wonderful photos, and then was really struck by this photo, entitled "Wings of Gold", by Su & Brenda (I'm not sure which one took the photo), a husband & wife photography team from Malaysia:

I little while before that, I had paused at another dragonfly photo.  I wish I could find it again.  But here are a few other great photos I found on that site while looking for it - click the links below the "thumbnails" to see the real thing.

I have not had the same success with my couple of attempts at dragonfly photos.  This one was discovered while out walking with the family, but although the dragonfly is stunning, my photo is very flat and unexciting:
One time when I was trying to photograph some frogs, I had a dragonfly "check me out" - he kept hovering nearby.  I tried, and got a few shots of him in the air, which was exciting, but the depth of focus is very unflattering, and didn't produce a good photo:
This summer, I think I will make some more attempts at dragonfly photos.


Darla said...

Great photos you found. Dragon Flies are so much fun to photograph!

Shady Gardener said...

Keep trying!! :-) Aren't they a beautiful insect?

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