Saturday, February 06, 2010

End of Birthday Season

The kids' party for my son tonight marked the end of birthday season (although the bowls of chips on the counter will continue for probably another week).  This year we again did a "Pokemon" birthday.  But unlike the Pokemon cake last year, which we decorated in Pokemon characters, and David got to keep all the characters, we made Pokemon cupcakes and each friend got to keep his Pokemon character.  That felt a lot friendlier.
Pokemon cupcakes
My son got a larger "cupcake" so we could add 9 candles to it.
Pokemon birthday
This year, he received lots of Pokemon cards as gifts, and most of his friends were from the "card club" (i.e. Pokemon card club) at school, so a lot of time was spent huddled together looking at Pokemon cards, and playing Pokemon. A few others played volleyball with balloons. And when Mario Cart on the Wii was started up, there were no shortage of boys wanting to race.
Pokemon cards
Overall, it was a fun party. But I'm also glad that birthday season in our house is now over.


Christine B. said...

Our birthday season is just starting...ugh. You set a pretty high bar with the figurine on a cupcake idea. I may borrow it....

Christine in Alaska

Garden Lily said...

Christine - For the kids, they are very excited about the figurines, but it worked well for me too. Instead of paying maybe $30 for a 1/2 slab cake with only 1 figurine (and they didn't have any Pokemon character either!) the cake mix + icing cost about $6, and the 13 figurines cost about $20, so I think I came out ahead in cost, the cupcakes are less messy to deal with, and it took about 1 hour to make the cupcakes the night before, but I'd prefer that over driving to the store to pick up the cake on the day of the party. So yes, I'd recommend this approach - borrow away. ;-)

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