Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Watermelon Carving

Watermelon carvingI guess I have upgraded my main computer (which I use to work from home) twice in the past 6 years, but have kept the older ones also (for example, one acts as our home network's file server).  In the process, we have tried to move along any significant files and photos and such, but each time some is left behind.  Today while looking for some old files, I was delighted to discover some photos from 2004 of my first - and only - attempt at watermelon carving.

According to the accompanying HTML pages (which are no longer posted anywhere, but I was glad to recover the narrative in them), I had taken advantage of a quiet Christmas morning (since we open gifts on Christmas Eve), and "with the children happily playing with their new toys, I took out my 4" Henckels knife, and tried my hand at carving a watermelon".  My inspiration for trying came "from the Zozocyan Carving Room displaying wonderful, detailed soap, vegetable and fruit carvings by Shiyo in Japan".  The cool thing is that Shiyo seems to be still carving and posting to that site - so you can still visit and see what I mean by inspiration!

Watermelon carving
I went on to say that "after only two hours of carving, I was pleased by the result, which made a nice addition to my sister Rose's dessert table for Christmas dinner that evening", and ended with "I hope my simple photos will inspire you to pick up your kitchen knife and give it a try, too".

I've posted photos here.  It brings back great memories.  I'm impressed that I did such a nice carving in only two hours.  It inspires me, I should try again some day.

Watermelon carving of butterfly and flowersWatermelon carving of butterfly and flowers
If this post inspires any budding vegetable & fruit carvers, please remember to return and share your creations with me.
How to carve a watermelon
Carved watermelon decoration


Kate said...

Wow! That is gorgeous! You're not only talented, you're also very patient. What a lovely presentation that would make at a summer picnic.

Tim said...

That's beautiful! Did you have to draw lines on it first to trace out where you'd carve, or did you freehand it? Now I have a reason to carve in a season other than Halloween.

Garden Lily said...

Thanks Kate and Tim.

Tim - Yes, I just carved it freehand, with some idea of what I wanted and deciding on the details as I went along. I hope you try it out too, and please come back and provide a link.

Anonymous said...

very nice post. I always like Watermelon Carving ~ Vegetable and Fruit Carvings

simply.food said...

This is an awesome carving .So detailed nad wonderful.

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