Sunday, December 06, 2009

Photo Flashback

While searching for some older photos, I came upon this set from Spring 2004, so 5 1/2 years ago. We were still at our "old" house which was a 50 year old (700 s.f.) duplex, and finishing the construction of our new (4700 s.f.) house.

Here we are at the back stairs, leading from the small yard to our open parking area (click any photo for a larger view).
My sweet girl with poppies
...and on the side yard, where I discovered that the small garden between the sidewalk and west-facing wall of the duplex was great for growing cherry tomatoes - one year I had something like 18 plants. My daughter was really fond of tomatoes back then (and still is), so used to help me pick and eat bowls full of them.

My neighbour on that side had a wonderful flower and medicinal herb garden, and I enjoyed her bright yellow & orange Meconopsis cambrica (Welsh poppies) growing along the fence.
Kids with welsh poppies
Here we are at the new house, undergoing the final stages of construction and very rough landscaping.
House construction
Wow, the back yard has come a long way since this photo.
Yard under construction
Here it is in May 2009 (I don't know why I didn't take any full-yard photos this summer!).
What wonderful memories. And what a lot since then to continue to be thankful to God for - wonderful kids, beautiful house, big welcoming yard, beautiful gardens, good health, happiness, and prosperity.


Ellen Rathbone said...

WOW! What amazing garden changes! You obviously have the flair for garden design!

Laura Gardens in Desert said...

What a transformation! Quite inspiring! Very adorable kidlet pics, too.

Kate said...

You home is beautiful and the gardens are very impressive! What fun...

Tootsie said...

what a wonderful post...the photos of the kids are wonderful....and the before and after of your garden...WOW

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