Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Noteworthy Giraffes

After encouraging readers to add to the One Million Giraffes project in my previous post, the kids and I each drew our own giraffes on yellow paper, and submitted them. (I'll post again once they're up on the site.) Then after sending them to bed, I've been spending waaay too much time flipping through the pages of giraffes at

My husband, who is also my boss, shakes his head, since he knows how much work (and work around the house!) I could or should be doing instead. But I am fascinated by the giraffes... how international the "project" is, with submissions from many many countries, and how different each and every giraffe is.

The following are some of the giraffes which caught my attention, and are worth a peek.

Some are whimsical, like those from:

Lana in the Ukraine
Sarah in the UK
Zaneta from Lithuania
Amyfaerie from the USA
Pajeczno in Poland

Some are creative, like those from:

Kitiamara in Germany
Raffizaek in Germany (who is a bit too modest about his age)
Inezinha from Portugal
Sheila in the US
Lillian in the US
Sandra from Hong Kong
Peter from Australia
Josse from the UK
Arnaud from France (love this one!)

Some are artistic (I wish I could draw like this!), like those from:

Martin from the UK
Pam from the UK
Kristine from Norway
Ehouse in the USA

Okay, that's enough giraffes for tonight, for me.

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