Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Hummingbird Photos

Last night I filled the wheelbarrow full twice with weeds and cuttings, taking frequent breaks to sit on the porch of our shed in the shade, since it was still unbearably hot even in the late evening.

I took my camera with me, and took a couple of breaks to photograph the hummingbirds again. I am pleased with the results, below (click on any image for a slightly larger view).

The Buddleia (Butterfly bush) is blooming now, and provides a sweet treat:
Hummingbird and buddleia
This one looks like a little airplane, next to the red Monarda (Bee balm):
Hummingbird and Bee Balm
I like how this photo shows the hummer's little feet:
Hummingbird and Monarda


Joyful said...

Oh so beautiful. I love the elegant little hummingbird and you have captured it well.

Garden Lily said...

Thanks Joyful. The hummingbirds are teasing me again today, asking for their photo to be taken, but hiding on the back sides of flowers and bushes (except the Albizia). :-)

Anonymous said...

Cool pics!

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