Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First Hummingbird Photos of the Season

In my upper yard, I have a hummingbird area which is frequented regularly by hummingbirds, attracted by the shaggy red monarda and a towering butterfly bush, and the safety of a large alder tree behind (outside my property line, on the edge of the ravine).

Tonight after dinner, I decided to try for some hummingbird photos. Since it was the first time this year, it seemed they were a little shy, and kept mostly to the back of the butterfly bush (where I couldn't photograph at all), and within the monarda (where I was moderately successful). Here is a collection of shots from today.

Of all the places to sit, she chose to return to this dead branch of my Ribes odoratum (Missouri currant) a number of times.

Ah, that's better:

I believe it is the Rufous Hummingbird which I usually see, or at least I read that it is a common visitor to this area (Vancouver, BC). I seem to get the females. I don't know if I've ever seen the male, with the red throat. Perhaps an immature one, with some red showing, one year.

Not bad for the first day. I'm encouraged to try for some more another day.


Joyful said...

Those are lovely shots of the hummingbird! How lucky you were. Please do take more shots when you can =]

Garden Lily said...

Joyful - Thanks for the encouragement. I hope to get out there more often, so they will get used to me, and allow some better shots. Stay tuned. :-)

Laura Gardens in Desert said...

Garden Lily, I love your garden! I took the tour, called my husband in so that he could see and we giggled at the chess set! We have the same hummingbirds here in LV. Some winter over like little troupers. You have captured some great shots!

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