Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Signs of Spring

I managed to get outside for 1 hour after dinner last night, to do more cleanup in the garden, before it got too dark.

There are plenty of signs that Spring may finally be here, with fresh shoots bursting forth from the soil. There were a few flowers visible also, so I snapped a few shots while I could.

These grape hyacinths form a colourful edge to my poor neglected herb garden:
Grape hyacinths
This primula is blooming nicely, not yet discovered by the slugs (which may still be in hibernation or at least in hiding):
I am too tired / lazy to look up the name of this flower at the moment, but I discovered this little surprise in my garden, the seed or bulb likely transported in the soil of another plant acquisition:
Spring surprise
Many of the fruit trees, notably the cherries, are full of buds. But after last year's scare (when it stayed dormant for a long time after it was planted) I was very pleased to discover this single bud on our Frost Peach tree:
Our first Frost Peach bud
This morning we woke up to frost, and the nearby roofs were completely white. So it continues to be a very cool Spring. I hope to sneak into the garden more often, to enjoy what good weather we have.


O.I.M said...

spring is looking lovely, isn't it? I think your mystery flower might be a chionodoxa or glory of the snow. I planted a handful a few years ago. this year they appear to have multiplied exponentionally. they look quite good and their early blooms are much appreciated. scilla is another possibility.

Garden Lily said...

Irena - Thanks, you're right about the Chionodoxa (Glory of the Snow). I found it in a gardening book the other day, jotted the name down, but then was too lazy to go find my notes. The two blooms look so sweet, I imagine a patch of them would be very eye-catching. All the best to you and your garden this year!

Send Flower Philippines said...

Hey! It seem your garden have a lots of beautiful and attractive flowers. like those flowers in your post. they all looks cool. most especially the grape hyacinths. hope to see that in person. keep posting!


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