Thursday, April 30, 2009

Non-aquatic Plant Experiment in Aquarium

Lots has been happening lately in my little gardening world. I attended the Van Dusen Plant Sale last weekend, and picked up some treasures. I have been busy trying to plant them, and still have a couple last ones to put into the garden. I'll post some photos when I'm done. While at Van Dusen with my kids and mom and friends Violet and Irene, Irene offered me some plants from her garden. So Wednesday night I had the pleasure of visiting her garden, and receiving these wonderful plants. So I need to plant those in also, especially since the weather continues to be very hot & dry. Then today I bought some more at a veggie store I discovered today (surprisingly, they also had a pretty good selection of bedding plants, veggie plants, and even some perennials and small shrubs). So I'm hoping for another significant gardening weekend, to get caught up. Since my husband is returning late Friday from a business trip, I'm hoping he's too tired on Saturday to plan any big outing, giving me my opportunity.

Recently I've also amused myself, by introducing some "non-aquatic" but moisture-loving plants into my two aquariums. So far, the experiment has been successful. If you're curious, see my blogs postings :

Non-Aquatic Plant Experiment
Continued Non-Aquatic Plant Experiment

I've been pleased to find a use for the Carex Pendula which has been an absolute disaster in my garden (reseeding itself by the thousands if not millions!).

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