Sunday, December 02, 2007

First Snow in Vancouver

It is December 2, and we just had our first major snowfall in Vancouver (BC). Yesterday when the snow just barely covered the ground, my daughter was excited to run barefoot in it, and being a cool mom, I wouldn't deprive her of the experience:

Today, it has been snowing all day, and I got tired of waiting for it to stop before taking a photo of the back yard, especially since I've heard the forecast is for rain by this evening. I like how everything (except the shed and fence, and one pink solar tulip light) looks kinda black and white:

Good thing I pretty much had the garden trimmed, dahlias dug up, hoses disconnected, and my echium pininana potted up and brought into the basement. I would have liked a few more hours in the garden before the frost and snow hit, but it's in pretty good shape this year under the circumstances.

P.S. For any puzzle fans out there, here is that last photo as an online puzzle, courtesy of
Click to Mix and Solve
P.P.S. On first try, my time was 6:35. Wow, that was a challenging one. Enjoy!


Garden Lily said...

After 3 more tries, I've got my solve time down to 3:23. Yes, I think I'm bragging. :-)

nicolas said...

wasn'it cold with the barefeet on the ground? very beautiful pics though

Garden Lily said...

Yes, must have been cold, but hopefully in a thrilling rather than chilling way. ;-)

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you return again.

nicolas said...

and how your daughter enjoyed walking barefoot in the snow? (and how did che have the idea at all???)

Melanie said...

very nice pictures, it would be really cool if they were real!!!! :p

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