Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fairy 3D Images

I was looking at fairy images today, getting ideas for my daughter's 9th birthday, which is coming in a few weeks. Last year, she took her friends to the Midnight Fairy Party Store, where they dressed as fairies and did fairy dances and had fairy stories, and brought home fairy dust and such. They had so much fun, that she wants to have a fairy theme party this year, in our house. We will transform the Christmas tree into a fairy tree, and decorate fairy wings, and whatever other fairy activities we can come up with.

After a few searches, I stumbled upon the website, and was quite struck by the 3D-like fairy images, such as this one:

At this point, my fairy search took a bit of a curve, and I found myself downloading the free DAZ Studio 1.8 software, and a few hours later, emerged with my own fairy image, which I'll call "Fern Fairy" (click for a larger image):

fern fairy
The DAZ Studio software is quite amazing, it lets you manipulate and animate 3D objects, and there are LOTS of characters and objects you can purchase, and assemble together. For example, you "fit" the dress to the character, and then it moves when she moves, and you have control over individual joints, to move fingers and toes and elbows. It is really worth trying out, but be warned, it could be totally addictive. I'm not sure what I'm thinking, having just returned from a serious massage session today, trying to undue all the damage to my neck & back which I do, sitting at the computer all day!!

Anyhow, I think this may only be a holiday diversion for me, at this point. I haven't bought any more objects (I'm afraid that if I look, I will!!), I'm just experimenting with the sample ones that come with the free download. (By the way, you need to download the objects separately, they are in "My Account" once you register.)

Another couple of hours, and here is my fairy in the scene I'll call "Follow that Dragonfly":

Fern Fairy : Follow that Dragonfly
By the way, this is really cool.... You can set up her eyes to fix on whatever object you like, and then when you move that object, her eyes will follow. In this case, I fixed them on the dragonfly. You can also control how skinny or fat she is, make her pregnant (I want to try that out, for fun), and lots of other neat stuff.

I have yet to figure out how to export or save into a file format which I know what to do with. So for now, I'm using the SnagIt screen capture program to capture the rendered image, and save it to an image file. I also wish I could make the fairy smile. I don't seem to be able to control her mouth, just her eyes and head position. Perhaps other objects have control over this.

I'd love to hear from anyone who's used this software, and have any images you can share with me, or tips (just in case I spend some more time on it ;-) ).

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