Monday, March 03, 2014

The Furry News Coverage Continues

There were a few other papers which had photos of the VancouFur furry convention, but Ande didn't appear in them.  But we were both featured (talking!) on the CTV news last night.  I don't know if this is a permanent link, but here is the video.  I was nervous that people from work may see me on TV (although if they did, nobody has admitted it yet), but here I am, posting it on my blog.  Pretty safe, since my friends and family mostly don't read my blog!  Ha.

When I have a chance, I would love to assemble a few photos from the construction of the fursuit, and post them.  Would anyone be interested?  Or am I just posting for myself?  (Oops, did I actually type that?)

Oh yes, I finally did remember to get a photo of Ande and me together, on the last day of the convention:


Tim said...

I had no idea that "furryness" was a phenomenon. I hope they kept the convention temp cool...I can only imagine how warm it can get in those things, even with ventilation considered in the construction. Was Ande one of the youngest participants?

Garden Lily said...

The AC was on high in the meeting rooms, so the fur-less were driven to hugging fursuiters to keep warm. I'm kidding, but there were lots of hugs all around, which was really fun. There was one other 15-year-old with a fursuit also, otherwise Ande appeared to be the youngest. The ears helped to add a bit of height. :-)

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