Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Little Hummingbird Companion

This year I have been blessed with a little hummingbird who sits (yes, sits!) in the tree between our yard and the neighbour's yard, and sings and sings.  He / she has quite noticeably staked out the territory around and including my yard since about February or so.  Occasionally he / she changes from that favourite perch location, to other trees in my yard, or just outside the fence.

I have been surprised at how much time this little guy / gal spends sitting, singing.  Occasionally buzzing from place to place, and less occasionally chasing another hummingbird.  But then it returns to sit and sing.  I wish I had a video.  But I did take some very poor photos, of its favourite location, as viewed from our patio (and nearby kitchen window) :
See that little dark dot in the top left part of that Albizia julibrissin (Mimosa or Silk tree)?  Here's a closeup :
I'm not sure if its a Rufous or a Ruby-throated hummingbird, but I don't see the bright red throat which would indicate a male, so it seems it may be a female.  But I haven't paid much attention, and haven't tried to get close enough to view it better. 

In previous years, I tried and got some reasonably good photos - see these posts back in 2008 and 2009 - but this year I haven't tried.  Mostly I enjoy listening to it more than looking at it, while I am out toiling in my garden. It is a great little companion for me.

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Rylahn said...

"I enjoy listening to it more than looking at it"

Indeed, listening them singing is a great sound to hear..

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