Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter / Spring Cleanup

First it was the teens with machine guns, then the computer distracting me, and suddenly the window of sunshine (which probably lasted only 30 minutes) was gone.  But it was still pleasant - cold, but calm - when I finally got outside this afternoon to cut more blackberry vines for my stick bugs and spiny leaf bugs.  The machine guns?  Oh yeah, it's not really that kind of neighbourhood.  One of the teens in our neighbourhood was in the cul-de-sac, filming scenes with some of his friends.  I recognized the villains' vehicle as his parents' van, and they were holding up some poor guys driving his dad's delivery truck.  No actual shooting.  Perhaps the scene didn't need it, or they will add that sound later.  They apparently were on their lunch break, since they were gone by 1 o'clock.

Anyhow, once I did get out to clip blackberry vines, I was happy to stay out longer, to trim and clean up my front gardens.  I notice there are some tulips just starting to push through the soil, which gives me hope that Spring will arrive soon.  But when I suggested that to the local newspaper delivery man, he reminded me that we often have snow into March.  So true, but I'm ready for Spring anyhow. 

In 1 hour I easily filled the 48 gallon container which the city provides for yard waste recycling.  I always think that I wish I had a larger container, or was able to borrow one of my neighbours', but then when I come back in the house, I realize it was just about the right amount of exposure and exercise for now.  Besides, I have a list of a dozen items I need to get done inside the house, and I've only crossed off the first few.

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HolleyGarden said...

How fun for your neighbor's son to be able to shoot a film - sounds like he is very creative! I have lots to do outside and inside. Seems I get more behind every day! Tulips pushing up sounds exciting!

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