Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another Spiny Leaf Bug

I apologize to those who follow my blog for photos of my garden.  Tonight I noticed another spiny leaf bug had hatched.  I now have 2 spiny leaf insects.  The oldest is 9 weeks old now, and is looking more like a curled up leaf every day:
I tried to be clever and get a photo with them both on my hand, which I did:

But the newly hatched bug moves very quickly, and after this photo, it promptly disappeared up my sleeve.  At which point I put the older bug back in her cage, and ended up taking off my shirt to search for the little one.  Fortunately, I found her without squishing her.

On the stick bug side, I still have way too many, and keep telling myself I will try to find a home for many of them.  I managed to give away 4 to good homes last weekend.  Good thing I have a plentiful supply of blackberry leaves in the neighbourhood.


Shady Gardener said...

Those are amazing insects!! I didn't know you could find them in the US! Are they beneficial?

Garden Lily said...

SG - Thanks. This bug is not from my garden, it is a pet. I believe it is native to Asia. And I'm not in the US, but Canada. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing your leaf insect pictures. I had a male and female leaf insect several years ago. In my opinion, they make excellent pets. Plus I had enough blackberry bushes in my back woods to keep them well fed. Your blog has inspired me to think about getting some more leaf insects.

Thanks, Rick

Lisa said...

hahaha! Those photos make me remember that I used to play tiny creatures as those from from my mother's garden. Thanks for this post.

Lisa from Acoustic Guitar Software

Garden Lily said...

I was excited to find another hatchling this morning. I now have 4 of them!

Carletta said...

Those are fascinating! I've never heard of one of them.
I'm going to goggle them and see if we have them here.

Your salsa above looks delicious. :)

Garden Lily said...

It turns out the spiny leaf insect is native to Australia. I now have 5 of them!

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