Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Winter's Last Stand

As Spring gently advances on our land, Winter has taken its last stand, surging forward with its final battle cry, sending a flurry of massive snowflakes, covering the land with some 6" of snow.  Followed by rain, and hail, and bitter cold.  At last (or so I hope), it relents, and has gone silent.

The snow was actually very pretty, falling quite steadily from Saturday evening until Sunday morning. Before it got wet and fell (that's the kind of snow we usually have in Vancouver), it hung softly and silently in the trees, for some pretty Winter scenes.
Snowy garden in winter
Snowy garden
Winter garden
Winter snow scene
Yesterday evening, before night fell, I carried my kitchen compost to the big bins at the top of the yard.  I took some photos of the crocuses, battered by the cold and snow, laying surrounded by a thin layer of snow.  I think it would have some pretty good photos, but I accidentally had the "blank" card from my laptop in the camera, and I guess the silly thing tried to store the photos on it, but unsuccessfully.  At least I can't seem to find them.
Snowy trees
I'm hoping this is the last bit of Winter here, and sent only so that we will appreciate Spring even more when it comes and stays.


Sunray Gardening said...

We are suppose to get more snow this weekend but I don't think a lot. Your photos are fantastic. I love to look at the snow covered photos but that's about it. Hoping for you this was the last of it.
Goldenray Yorkies

Shady Gardener said...

It truly is beautiful - but probably would be better appreciated if it were, say, December or January?? ;-)

I'm joining you in looking for Spring!

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