Friday, November 12, 2010

Squirrel Attack Makes a Snack of Jack

This post is not for the faint of heart.  Remember that fearless and menacing Jack O'Lantern we set out on Hallowe'en? 

He has met his match.  He has been reduced to a cowering, whimpering, suffering Jack, his eyes and teeth and chunks of his head viciously chewed by the real dark menace - the neighbourhood squirrels.
It's a funny thing about squirrels.  They wave about that big bushy tail, and we all think they are the sweetest thing.  Even I have been known to fall for their sweet mischievous looks.  And judging by how the squirrels shamelessly mobbed us the last time our family took a stroll through the park, many others have succombed to their charms as well.

I have to admit, even when rushing straight towards you, isn't this one cute little creature?
Or look at this little charmer.  Who wouldn't agree that she's adorable?  Even if she's only after your nuts.  Or in my case, my apples, pears, cherries, plums....
On the flip side of the rodent family, there are the rats.  Since we have added 3 rats to our household, we have found them to be friendly, gentle, inquisitive, intelligent, and very affectionate - snuggling and licking and enjoying being handled.  Quiet, clean, and full of fun.  Look at this little face, isn't he a cutie?
Or this little girl?  Wouldn't she just melt your heart?
But when God was handing out tails, and the squirrel picked his big bushy tail, the poor rat picked the wrong one.  The one which makes us gasp, to stop and stare, or to just turn and run in fear.

Poor dear rats.  If only they had picked the bushy tails, I'm sure they would been the hit of the small pet market.  But instead, sadly, most of those born in captivity are destined to be snake food. 


Jen said...

I didn't have any outdoor pumpkins this year. Now that I know squirrels like them, I probably won't have any next year either. ha!!
I think you're right about the bushy tail. ;)

Anonymous said...

awee.. what a cute post.. I love all of the animals.. sorry about your pumpkins.. but the squirels need to eat too.. lol!
Love your photos!

Lee said...

Love the pictures of your vermin! Both the inside and outside variety. Your jack-o-lantern was cool to.

joey said...

Not a lover of mice/rats, you have given me much to think about since your photos are quite cute :)

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