Saturday, June 19, 2010

Masked Visitor to the Garden

The kids and I were eating at the kitchen table the other day when something passed within inches of our sliding glass door to the deck.  A raccoon!  I jumped up to get the camera on the counter, and looked out, but didn't see him anymore.  Then a moment later, the kids shouted that he was along the fence, so I slid open the door and caught his attention for a photo, before he hopped down into the upper neighbour's yard.


Christine B. said...

Your visitor was much more photogenic than mine. A teenaged boy ran through the garden and hopped over my fence yesterday. Don't ask me why, I probably don't want to know....

Christine in Alaska

Garden Lily said...

Christine - I'm guessing he was not streaking either, otherwise that would have made a funny photo! :-)

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