Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Weekend and More Photos of Sam

Easter eggs
Happy Easter everyone!  I had intended to draw something Easter-related to post on my blog, but didn't get to it.  So instead I am posting a beautiful Easter egg (the red one in the photo) which was created by my 11-year-old daughter at school, using the Ukrainian egg decorating techniques.

I think she did a very impressive job, and she tells me that the second egg, which unfortunately was not finished in time to bring it home for Easter, was even better.

This weekend I am thankful for the opportunity to relax, spend time with the family, and sleep in!  With math and/or soccer on Saturdays, and church on Sundays, I can't remember the last time I was able to sleep without an alarm, and wake up as late as I wanted to.  With activities cancelled this weekend, and the day off work Friday, I was able to sleep in two days in a row!  It was a very special treat for me.

My mom and nana
4 generations of girlsAlso a treat was seeing my Nana, visiting from the Okanagan area of BC, who is nearing her 92nd birthday.  She is staying with my parents, and all 3 of them visited for dinner this evening.  Since the rain held off until later in the evening, I was able to take her on a tour through my yard.  On left, she is with my mom, next to my new flowering cherry (Prunus "Snofozam" or "Snow Fountains"). 

On the right is a photo of 4 generations of the "girls" - pretty special.

I am trying to hold back on my photos of Sam, and leave the blogging of our new pet rat to my daughter, but I can't resist posting 2 photos from today, from within a paper bag.

Since it happens to be a Saturday, I am also posting for the first time on Camera Critters - check them out for other weekly critter shots.


Gardenista said...

Sam is a very cute critter! My cousins had rats, but they were always dying with terrible tumors. I heard that cheese causes cancer in rats (despite it being a food that people commonly like to feed them). I've never had a rat, but maybe the cheese avoidance may save your little guy.

Kate said...

Your Sammy is one darling little rodent. (Never thought I'd be uttering those words! :) Glad to hear of your fun holiday weekend.

joey said...

Your family Easter photos are lovely ... the wimp that I am, I'm gasping a bit about Sam, but please don't hold that against me :)

Garden Lily said...

Gardenista - Thanks for the tip. Considering our diet is not too different than a rat's, the thought of cheese potentially being linked to cancer is scary - I love cheese, especially melted.

Kate and joey - At times I wonder what we've gotten ourselves into, but he sure is adorable, at least at this age.

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