Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stopping to Smell the Roses (or Look for Signs of Spring)

Do you remember the story of that fisherman who was already enjoying the "Good Life"? Well, most of the time I am too buried in my work and running the household, that I forget. But last week (between episodes of more snow!) I needed to drop off some registration forms for my kids (they're at a visual & performing arts day camp this week, since there is a Spring Break at school) at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts.

Normally, I would plan about 5 errands to run at the same time, and barely make it back in time for the kids to arrive from school. Often I don't even make it out the door, and then end up dragging the kids with me after they come home from school. But this time, I decided to try out a small sample of that fisherman's Good Life, and not only go drop those forms, but also plan to take a walk about the beautiful grounds of the Shadbolt Centre, which sits on the hillside above Deer Lake. I decided to phone up Andrea, my friend who also buries herself in her work, and convince her to join me.

So we dropped off the forms, and then took a walk about the park. It was wonderful. Blue skies, interesting conversation, and signs of Spring (okay, this year we had to look for them, but sure enough they were there!). I carried along my camera, but hadn't taken any photos (too deep in conversation, and nothing had caught my eye) so when we came near the end of our walk, and passed the climbing dome in the playground area, I suggested to Andrea that she climb up and I'd take her picture.

To my surprise (wow, she's a really good sport!) she didn't take too much convincing, and climbed up to the top of it. I love this photo of Andrea, she looks so naturally radiant. I love that clear blue sky in the background, too.

I am trying to remember to make the most of the moments I do have, to enjoy the outdoors, or spend some fun time with the kids. We played the Michaels Arts & Crafts store $5 game again tonight (although didn't really allow enough time, the store was closing before we were really finished). We play that "game" almost every time we go to Michaels. Each of the kids have $5 to spend on anything in the store. It just needs to add up to $5. Good thing there are lots of small items and activities which are $1 or $1.50. So they practice addition, learn the value of money, and have fun doing so, while I have some time to do some shopping and dreaming of my own.

Last time I went to Michaels, I saw a wonderful little Tikki Bar bird feeder which I had to have. I painted it on the weekend after I painted plaster fairies with the kids. I'll have to post some photos soon. Too tired tonight, it's after midnight already. Sigh!

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