Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snow Fun

On Friday evening it changed from snow to rain. I wished it had cleared for a while and I had caught a photo of the house in snow. This was the most we've ever had piled on the house. So on Saturday my husband went out to capture a few photos before too much of the snow was lost. I think it looks pretty neat, what do you think?:
House in snow
This one looks almost like a postcard of our house (except I'd need to Photoshop in a blue sky instead of the greyish one):
House in snow
Here is a shot of the back yard and shed in a blanket of snow:
Back yard in snow
In the afternoon, my husband shovelled a path across the back deck, and insisted that we all go play in the snow while he cleared the remainder of the deck:
Clearing the snow on the deck
So we all set to work building snow creations. My son & I built what I will call the Throne of David:
Snow throne
No, not that throne, the throne of my little David:
David's snow throne
My daughter took her turn at sitting on the throne:
Sitting on snow throne
The kids also built a fort (which joined into the back of the snow throne), with help from my husband (who supplied them with snow by the shovelful):
Kids in snow fort
Snow fort
Snow fort


Angela (In the Cottage Garden) said...

Wasn't the snow crazy?? I am in Oregon and I just could NOT believe the snow we got. Your house looks really charming. I just found your blog on the Cold Climate Gardening blog list and had to tune in since I'm also in the PNW!
~Angela :-)

O.I.M said...

happy new year. hope you enjoyed the snow. we've got lots here and it's here to stay 'til march at least.

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