Monday, November 03, 2008

Fairy Hide-and-Seek Image

I believe this is my best 3D image yet. I call it "Fairy Hide-and-Seek". It took a couple of hours to figure out the depth of field to match the focus of my mushroom photo, but I think the effort paid off. What do you think? (click the image for a larger view)
Fairy Hide-and-Seek


Anonymous said...

very nice picture.(worth it) its very good that you can take hours to make special interesting pictures


Destiny said...

Hi, my name is Destiny. I'm a seventh grader at Lange Middle School and I was wondering if I could use this photo for a class project.

Garden Lily said...

Destiny - Thanks for asking. Yes, please go ahead to use it for your project, and if you want to provide credits, you can reference my blog or Lily in Burnaby, BC (Vancouver). Enjoy!

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