Monday, September 22, 2008

Puppy Flower Arrangement Fun

My sister, Rose, emailed me these wonderful photos of very creative flower arrangements in the shape of puppies. So delightful! I searched, and found lots of references to these flower arrangements on the internet, but no mention of the artist's name. I would like to give her due credit. It wasn't obvious which, if any, was the original posting, to provide a link back. So here goes, with just the photos (click any image for a larger view):
Florist with puppy floral arrangement
Adorable animal flower arrangements
Puppy flower arrangement

I was so inspired by these arrangements that on Sunday afternoon, when the sun broke through, I went out in the garden looking for flowers to try my hand at my own arranging. My dahlias would be perfect for creating the shagginess of the puppies. Here was my first attempt, with the center of a purple coneflower as the nose, and late-season (small) spikes of butterfly bush for pointy ears, the stems wrapped in wire to keep them together:
Dahlia puppy flower arrangement
Hmmm, the eyes would be better if a bit more noticeable, such as with these black-eyed susans:
Puppy flower arrangement second try with dahlias
Hmmm, I like the butterfly bush ears, and how about a mature dahlia flower for the mouth? Yep, that's a "keeper":
Cute puppy flower arrangement with dahlias
Now my son was inspired also, he joined in with his own arrangement:
My son's floral creature
Here is a closeup, showing the perennial sunflower eyes, green nose from a bud, and messy hair from geranium leaves (the green variant of Victor Reiter which pops up like a weed everywhere in my garden):
Cute flower arrangement
So far so good, my turn again. This time, I left some petals on the coneflower, as whiskers, and tried a blue hydrangea as a head, and the butterfly bush ears. I don't know what it is, but it's cute, too. My son claimed this one for himself.
Animal flower arrangement
Hmmm, what about the bright shaggy yellow of perennial sunflower, and the yellow black-eyed susan for eyes? That's a good combination, too:
Sunflower flower arrangement in shape of puppy
So by the end of our fun, we had three little flower "pet" arrangements, to keep:


Roses and Lilacs said...

How cute! Fun project to do with kids. Searching around in the garden, I'll bet you can find lots of stuff to use for different animals.

O.I.M said...

i love that. what a great project especially for kids. my little one has a play date coming up. we were going to make pine cone bird feeders. Maybe we'll try to create some flower buddies too. yours turned out great.

Garden Lily said...

Irena - Be sure to post any "flower buddies" the kids make. I'd love to see them.


Garden Lily said...

That includes anyone else who may be inspired by these photos, too. If you or your kids try your hand at it, please post & provide your link here, so we can all enjoy. Thanks.

O.I.M said...

hello garden lily. I've tried my hand at my own flower buddy. check it out. If you squint real hard I guess it could pass for a puppy :) I like your creations. this was fun.

Garden Lily said...

Oh, I love it, Irena! Check out Irena's "flower buddy".

If anyone else is inspired, please let me know, and don't be shy to provide a link.

Happy arranging!

Anonymous said...

they are just the cutiest things ever! I think that lots of people must love your blog and all the pictures.


Steve said...

Too cute. I know those little dogs so well, it seems appropriate to have flowers make up their fat fuzzy faces, lol.

Hey, as someone who once lived and worked in Vancouver, it's my favorite city ever. My daughter is now attending VCC, to boot! I saw your blog featured today at Blotanical and am delighted to find you. I'll favorite you as well. Very nice blog and well written, thanks.

Garden Lily said...

Thanks for stopping by, Steve. Yes, we are certainly blessed in this part of the world, even if we have just entered our 9 month long rainy season. ;-)

Send Flower Philippines said...

I really inspired about you did.That is great stuff i ever seen.I think its difficult to make those stuff.


sunflower arrangements said...

Wow! Such lovely lovely flowers. I love the creative way you created a puppy out of it. Your son is adorable by the way. :)


sunflower arrangements said...

You did a nice flower arrangement in champagne glass. It feels ah, romantic! :)


Send Flower Philippines said...

Hey!This is pretty good stuff. such a nice and cute project.nice combination of those lovely flowers. hope to create that flower buddies with my kids too. I'm sure he will like it! keep posting!


philippine flowers said...

This is unique design,i think its hard to do.


Mary St George said...

So much fun! Shared at our Dahlia Society page:

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