Friday, July 18, 2008

Hummingbird Photos

I was bragging to my Mom the other day, that almost any time I go into the garden, I see a hummingbird. So these are my photos to substantiate my claim. ;-)

We have a "hummingbird corner" in the upper corner of our yard, with dozens of shaggy red monarda flowers, a favourite of hummers (click on any of the photos for a larger image):
Hummingbird and monarda
Hummingbird with monarda
Hummingbird and red monarda
When the monarda blooms come to an end, the butterfly bush, which is just starting to bloom, will provide interest for the remainder of the summer. Nearby, there are lots of trees in which the hummers can rest, such as our small cherry tree:
Hummingbird sitting in cherry tree
...a medium sized alder tree beyond the fence:
Hummingbird sitting
...and a tall alder tree behind our yard:
Hummingbird sitting high in tree
This is an interesting photo of the hummingbird already turned around, and just about to dart away:


Owin & Irena said...

hummingbirds are such a treat. I'm hoping to attract some to my yard this year with the blooms of some scarlett runner beans. I think I'll add some monarda. yours look great. beautiful photos. enjoy the hummingbirds.

Gardenista said...

Those are really nice hummingbird photos. That vivid monarda really adds to the photo too.

kompoStella said...

thanks for sharing these sweet pix! i've only seen hummingbirds 4 times and never managed to 'capture' one in a camera

Cool Garden Things said...

I luv Humming Birds! They are the cutest little animal in the world!

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