Friday, June 15, 2007

Garden Glimpses: Mid June 2007

Here's a few more photos from my garden, taken this past week...

Bees on Lavendula StoechasI love the big fuzzy bumblebees on our Lavendula Stoechas (Spanish Lavender). Here's another photo:
Bumblebees on Spanish Lavender I love watching the bees buzzing from flower to flower. A few days ago, I almost got too close...
Bee in Handful of Geranium TrimmingsI was deadheading one of my hardy geraniums, and didn't notice this bee resting on one of the remaining flowers, until I had it in my hand. Good thing it was evening, he was pretty docile, and I was able to clip off the flower and lay it in the garden, before stuffing the handful of clippings into a clear bag for composting.

Damselfly on Blue Oat GrassMy daughter noticed this damselfly resting on the blue oat grass. It was getting evening, and the flash created an interesting effect, making it appear to be glowing.

First Blush of Colour on Red Currant I love this time of year, when there are lots of hopeful signs of fruit... such as this first blush of red on the red currants.

Espalier Apple Fruit My espalier apple tree is not loaded with fruit like last year, but I'm pleased to have some apples to look forward to.

Espalier Asian Pear FruitThis espalier asian pear will need to be thinned soon, to allow the fruit to develop fully. What a delight to see so much fruit this early on.

Strawberry Garden FindThe rule in our garden is that if the kids find any ripe fruits, they are welcome to pick and enjoy them, although I encourage them to show them off (and occasionally pose for a picture) first, such as this photo-worthy strawberry found by my daughter.


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Thanks for the garden tour, great photos! Nice picture of your daughter and the strawberry.

Wicked Gardener said...

I love the spanish lavendar. It now is on my wish list. Thank you for sharing.

sexy said...
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