Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More Fun in the Snow : Snow Bear and Snow Angel

It has certainly been a bold and early start to winter, with our foot or so of snow and -10 celsius temperatures (extremely frigid for Vancouver!!) - and it's not even December yet. In the eyes of an adult, there is the delay and peril on the roads, trees broken under the load of snow, power lines knocked out, and disruption of schedules. In the eyes of a child, there are the extra days home from school, and hours of snowmen, snow angels, snow fights, toboganning and pure delight.

I have had the privilege of enjoying both of these: the struggle to clear a walking path across the driveway, sidewalk, walkway and stairs, as well as the fun of building towering snowmen. On Sunday, I was delighted to take our kids over to our neighbours' (Helen & Bill's) yard, to play with their daughter. In addition to doing his share of shovelling and clearing pathways, Bill (he's the Mountie lookalike) worked with me on this handsome snow bear:

Our girls worked on a beautiful (albeit a bit grumpy looking) snow angel, complete with snow wings:
And they had fun toboganning around the yard:

What a great way to enjoy the snow!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

love the snowbear and the little angels that made the snowangel. a cute mountie to help too. wow.

from a snow admirer

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