Sunday, September 10, 2006

Garden Painting Day 15 : Outline of Cat and Hosta

Last night I had the pleasure of putting a few more hours into my painting after the kids were in bed. I have painted in the outline of a cat...

garden painting with outline of cat...and a group of Patriot Hosta...

garden painting with outlines of cat and hosta ...and filled in the white outline of the Patriot Hosta.
garden painting with outlines of cat and Patriot HostaAnother night, I will fill in the green centers (not as satisfying, since the background is already green, so it looks almost done already). I think I will also mix a touch of the green into white, and soften the white borders. They are currently too white.

1 comment:

Diana in NYC said...

I found your site not long ago and am really enjoying seeing your painting emerge. So far -- it's beautiful.... keep up the delightful work!

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