Monday, August 28, 2006

Garden Painting Day 14 : Coneflower Petals and Globe Thistle Blooms

Garden painting with coneflower complete with petals and globe thistle in bloomI had a chance to paint last week, and I just realized tonight I hadn't posted my progress yet. So here it is (photo left), with the petals on my purple coneflower, and the tiny blooms (look like little stars) on the globe thistle.

I love the globe thistle, when it bloomed, it was a favourite of honey bees (photo right).

My friend Andrea suggested that I add a cat to my painting, since they are fascinated by bird baths. I am not a cat person, but I have been intrigued by the idea, and think I will try. Here is a "paper prototype" (although I will paint the cat to a larger scale, and perhaps different colours).

1 comment:

Andrea Wilson said...

Hi, Lily,

I am pleased to see you'll be adding a cat! I think it will add a nice bit of interest to your wonderful scene...especially for us cat people! :)

All my best,

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