Saturday, July 15, 2006

Arborsculpture - The Extreme Trees of Richard Reames

I discovered a most delightful site, of the imaginative tree creations by Richard Reames, a type of artist living in Oregon. He practises the art of what he calls Arborsculpture - the shaping, pruning and grafting of trees into living works of art and functional furniture, too!

His site provides a sample of arborsculpturists around the world, and links to their websites.
I've lifted a few photos, below, from the Pooktre creations of Peter and Becky in Australia - a tree man, and a coffee table and mirror apparently grown from plum trees.
The ficus house on Okinawa island in Japan is also worth seeing.

In Richard's book, Arborsculpture - Solutions for a Small Planet, he describes these creators and their creations in more detail. I haven't read the book myself, but I imagine it would make a great coffee table book.

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