Friday, May 12, 2006

Driftwood Horse Sculptures

The first week of May, the family enjoyed a trip to Disneyland, returning from L.A. to Vancouver via repositioning cruise. What a great time we had. I have some photos to post, soon, I hope.

Horse on beach sculpture by Heather JanschDuring the vacation, I had a cough and sore throat which didn't slow me down. However, the night after we returned and unpacked, this turned into a wicked nasal / sinus infection. After a couple of days and sleepless nights of unbearable pain (ready to chop off my head to stop the pain), I visited my doctor, and started a nasal steroid treatment. (He knows I don't take antibiotics except as a last resort.) Last night I actually slept most of the night, so there is hope that I'm on the road to recovery now.

Horse sculptures by Heather JanschNow for something more inspirational... One of the few blogs which I visit regularly is Erie's Argonaut by Linda in Erie, Pennsylvania. I am inspired by her talent and ambition. She's always up to her eyeballs in home renovation projects and small art projects, which she loves but can't seem to find enough time for.

Recently she shared a link to the art of Heather Jansch, which I also recommend visiting. Heather is an artist in the U.K. who creates wonderful horse sculptures out of driftwood. (She also sells signed limited edition prints of photos of the horses, for people who don't have room for one in their yard.) The horse images here are a few excerpts from her site.

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