Thursday, March 16, 2006

Garden Painting Day 5 : Pansy Leaves & Kids Projects

Today both of the kids were home, still on Spring Break. Neither of them were feeling too well (some sort of cough and fever which comes and goes), so we stayed home and all three of us painted this afternoon.

Rainbow coloured bird house backRainbow coloured bird house frontMy son finished the birdhouse he received from his Babi and Dedy (Czech grandparents) for his 5th birthday, with very little help from me. I was quite impressed, how he thought of the rainbow colour theme, and choose the colours with very little coaching, and persisted with two painting sessions. Last time, he did just the roof and canopy, and today the remainder. See the photo insets.

My daughter tried her hand at painting on a 5"x7" canvas board. Hers is not done yet.

I Garden painting pansy leaveswas happy to have daylight (although it wasn't a very bright day) to work on mine, this time on the kitchen island. I painted in the leaves and some stems for the pansies, wrapping the painting over the edges. I am quite impressed with the smoothness of the new paints, and how long they last on the palette without drying.

The kids are now in bed, it is still early (9 pm), and I planned to continue with the flowers, but I think I'm a bit too tired for it, somehow. I'll leave that for the next session. The flowers are the fun part, so I want to be awake enough to enjoy them.

See also Garden Painting Day 4 : Real Canvas and Acrylics.

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